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Here is a complete list of all the items on our blog in alphabetical order by name of place, or city and country. Click on a link to go to that page. This list is updated with each new entry.

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Algarve, Portugal – Prince Henry Disappoints Me

Amsterdam and Zuyder Zee, Holland - Driving Across the Sea

An American Odyssey in 1963

Annecy, France - Chamonix and Annecy - Winter Olympics Past and Future

Antigua - Where The Religion Is Cricket

Baden Baden and Stuttgart Germany - A Tale of Two More Cities

Baltimore, Maryland vs Boquete, Panama - In Search of Paradise

Bamberg, Germany – How to buy a ticket and ride the bus

Bamberg, Germany - May Day Celebrations 2010 in Gruner Markt

Bamberg, Germany - Stolpersteine and Civil Courage

Bamberg, Germany – Table Set For Fallen Soldiers

Bamberg, Germany - Walking through Time

Bangkok, Thailand – Andy the Hobo Traveler

Bastogne, Brussels – Battle of the Bulge

Bayreuth, Germany - Wagner's Festspielhaus

Berlin Germany - A Small Island With A Difference

Bern, Switzerland - Genius and Myth

Best Honeymoon Ever! Europe By Car

Biarritz, France – An unlikely place for xenophobia

Biloxi, Mississippi - Where Katrina Came Calling

Bonn, Germany - Bonn vs Frankfurt - A Capital Choice

Boquete, Panama vs Baltimore, Maryland – In Search Of Paradise

Budapest, Hungary – The Emperor Rides the Subway

Burgundy, France - Following the Sun

Camp Crittenden Arizona - Where Apaches And Mountain Lions Ruled

Canterbury, England - A Marlowe Mystery

Cape Henry, Virginia - Battle of the Capes

Casablanca, Morocco – Rick’s CafĂ©

Cedar Key, Florida - Early September Is Not The Time To Visit

Central Europe - 7 Countries in 7 Days

Chamonix, France - Chamonix and Annecy - Winter Olympics Past and Future

Coburg, Germany - The Birthplace of a Good Man

Coral Castle Homestead Florida - Where Love Turned to Stone

Cornwall, England - Where Palm Trees Grow

Coronado Island, California - Connected by The Silver Strand

Crystal River, Florida - Home of the Manatees

Dublin, Ireland - Dublin Its A Matter Of Taste

English Channel – Riding the Eurostar Train to London

Europe By Car - Best Honeymoon Ever!

Fort Cooper, Inverness, Florida - A Seminole War Battle Site

Frankfurt, Germany - Bonn vs Frankfurt - A Capital Choice

Freetown, Sierra Leone – Anarchy Has Arrived

Gatlinburg, Tennessee – How To Have A Famous Town Named After You

Geilo, Norway – The Land of the Midnight Sun

Gibraltar – Picadors Are No Longer Needed

Grand Cayman - Hardly Caribbean

Hamburg, Germany - Birthplace of a Great Fortune

Inverness Florida - When Irma Came To Visit

Jekyll Island, Georgia - Birthplace of a Conspiracy

Jos Nigeria - Kindly Re-direct Your Obliteration

Juarez, Mexico – How Juarez Mexico Has Changed

Key West, Florida – A Handful Of Gold

Kyrenia, Cyprus – When Kyrenia Was Greek

La Cote d'Azur France - A Sunny Place For Shady People

Lake Louise, Canada – How To Deal With Angry Bears

London, England – Guy Fawkes and Osama bin Laden

London, England – The Chimes of Big Ben

London, England – The East India Club and the Carlton Club

London, England – The Old Stationers Association

Madeira, Portugal – Dreamers Get Lucky

Malibu, California - Pepperdine University

Marion, South Carolina - The Swamp Fox

Mayfair, London, England - Death of a Duke

Metz, France and Trier, Germany - A Tale of Two Cities

Mdina, Malta – The Silent City

Middle Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands – A Deserted Tropical Island Within Easy Reach

Montezuma's Peak, Sierra Vista, Arizona - High Above The Arizona Mexico Border

Mt. Dora, Florida - A Very Modest Mountain

Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota - Dakota

Munich, Germany - Protect the Munchner from Borofsky

Munster, Germany - Munster's Own Miracle

Neuschwanstein Castle,  Germany – What Would King Ludwig Have Thought?

Newport, Rhode Island - The Gilded Age

New York - Statues of Liberty

Niagara Falls, Canada – A Pioneering Old Lady

Nuremberg, Germany - Leni Riefenstahl and the Nazi Rallies at Nuremberg

Oahu, Hawaii - The Pineapple King

Oceanside California - San Luis Rey Mission Indian Pow Wow

Ottawa, Canada - A Royal Capital

Saint Augustine, Florida - The Oldest City in the United States

Savannah, Georgia – America’s youngest colony

Slovenia - The Country At The End Of A Tunnel

Strasbourg, France - A Tower of Babel

Stuttgart, Germany - Baden Baden and Stuttgart - A Tale of Two More Cities

Tarpon Springs, Florida - Squeeze Me Please

Titsey, England – In search of a Roman Mosaic

Tombstone Arizona - Apache Spirit Ranch

Tombstone, Arizona - Thoughts of Mortality

Tottenham, England - Spurs

Trier, Germany and Metz, France - A Tale of Two Cities

Trieste, Italy - Castles by the Sea

Ulm, Germany  – Home Of The Tallest Church In The World

Vaduz, Liechtenstein – The Rhein's First Port of Call

Westerham, England - A Tale of Two Heroes

West Point, New York - Washington's Great Chains

Ybor City, Florida - The City Cigars Built

Zuyder Zee, Holland - Driving Across the Sea