Bamberg Germany - Walking through Time

This is the first in our Bamberg Germany series. We have additional videos that feature the churches, a fantastic mineral store with rocks from every country and a special interview with the President of the Willy Aron society. His group installs the "Stolperstein" or Stumbling Stones to commemorate the Jews who were taken from Bamberg and killed by the Nazis in the concentration camps.

Click on player to see Pat's video on the shops in the Gruner Markt in Bamberg.

Click in player below to see Pat's video titled, "History comes alive in the dark with Bamberg's nightwatchman".

Below is a video of a great little drum group.

Please follow along as we upload the series and let us know what you think. If there is anything in particular that we haven't covered, that you might like to see, just let us know. We are continuously adding to the series, so please check back to see what's new.

This piece, written by Pat, was originally posted on our website on March 20, 2010.