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Bamberg Germany - How to buy a ticket and ride the bus

This is a series of videos  on how to buy a ticket and ride the bus in Bamberg, Germany. The entire system was revamped when the Stadtwerke-Bamberg bus company joined a larger regional bus company, VGN.

It can be confusing for people who are new to the area or tourists just trying to get around Bamberg and the greater Bavarian region in Germany. There was so much material to cover that we broke into three videos.

We want to thank Kenneth McCarthy from the Stadtwerke-Bamberg bus company for giving us so much of his time and explaining the details of the process of buying a ticket, riding the bus, the different kinds of tickets you might purchase and which machine you use on the bus to validate your ticket.

Thanks also to Astrid Rosenberger from Stadtwerke-Bamberg for following up on our chance meeting and making it possible for us to make these videos. We hope you enjoy it.

Revised 7/30/2010

Part 1 - We begin with getting breakfast at the bakery and then follow Bob walking in the snow from our apartment in the Gruner Markt to the bus station called the ZOB, highlighting places of interest along the way.

Part 2 - Bob interviews  Kenneth McCarthy, a supervisor with the Stadtwerke-Bamberg bus company. He has been with the company for more than thirty years but is originally from Liverpool, England. Mr. McCarthy explains in detail the intricacies of buying a ticket and riding the bus in Bamberg.

Part 3 - Bob learns how to use the self-service ticket machine, where to buy discount tickets, and which of two machines on the bus to use to validate your ticket.

This piece, written by Pat, was originally posted on our website on January 14, 2010.