La Cote d'Azur France - A Sunny Place for Shady People

 Harley Street house                                              Port of Dover                                We set off on our honeymoon from our house in Harley Street in Marylebone, London on Saturday September 13th, 1980. We crossed  the English Channel by car ferry and rolled gently along towards Venice, Italy, our ultimate destination, in our new Volvo, while playing music suitably romantic for honeymooners. We listened mostly to Anne Murray, a Canadian singer very popular at the time.  We spent the first night on the continent in Brussels, Belgium at a hotel, the name of which we've forgotten, that overlooked the European Parliament. Although Belgium is beautiful, we had no time for sightseeing and pushed on the next morning to Baden Baden, Germany.   Hotel Haus Reichert in Baden Baden, Germany Thanks to the amazing highway system in Germany, where speeding along at 80 miles per hour is your only option if you want to survive, we made it to Baden Baden by dinner time. Not