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Bangkok Thailand - Andy the Hobo Traveler

Most people can only dream of traveling to far off and exotic places. Imagine being able to go wherever your wanderlust takes you - backpacking in the Himalayas, exploring dense forbidding jungles, rafting down killer river rapids, bartering with skilled merchants in Mozambique, Cairo, and Katmandu, and living the life of a globe trotting nomad. Sadly, cramming a lifetime of thrills into a few paltry weeks of an annual vacation just serves to make a person ache all the more for adventure.

Fortunately there are a growing number of people in the world who have figured out how to turn their love of traveling into a lifestyle and are willing to share it with the rest of us, especially those of us who can only travel as far as our TV clicker will take us. Living to travel is what Andy Griffin does better than anybody. He has turned his passion for traveling into a profitable business, thanks entirely to the invention of the internet. Andy gave up the life of a workaholic real estate agent…