The Mystery and Magic of Travel

Join us, Pat and Bob Patten, as we reminisce about our rambling journey through numerous towns, remote villages and distant countries, uncovering the mystical shadows of the past as a means to understanding the world of today.

The travel bug bit Bob and me in our youth.  He grew up in London, England and I was raised in the midwestern United States. We have visited dozens of countries in the Americas, Africa, Europe and the Orient. Our hope is that, by sharing some of our travel tidbits and insights, we will give you an appreciation of other peoples, cultures, and countries.  The list of places we have written about continues to grow and can be found on the Table of Contents.

Hopefully you will enjoy our individual perspectives on the many places we have been, separately or together, the people we have met, and the many lands we have crossed. We look forward to answering your questions and welcome your comments on our Facebook page.

Happy Travels,

Pat and Bob Patten

The Joy is in the Journey!